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Girls Don’t want “Bad Boys” they Want MEN (who are Confident)

20 Apr

I recently went on a Tinder date with a guy who told me a story about a fist fight he won in high school. I swooned.


Apparently, he was doing it to protect the honor of a girl in his school who was being mistreated by some guys in law school (not your typical miscreants, but maybe things are different where he grew up in Mexico). By the end of the date, I’d heard plenty of other stories proving how macho hard core he was.

Jack Johnson & Jim Jeffries Boxing

We  went on a few dates after that, and my dislike for that part of him continually mounted until the pivotal point when we were having a conversation about relationships and he said, “You like me because I’m a bad boy.”

A. I never said that I liked him

B. I would never like someone who labeled himself as a “bad boy”

C. I wish that I slapped him, but then we might have gotten in a physical fight and he has a MUCH stronger history of winning than I do (plus I’m not a fan of violence)

Labeling himself as a “bad boy” was a pitiful attempt to differentiate himself from guys that he considered to be softer and less manly. Or that was my impression of the situation, is that why guys do that?  I have no idea…

nice guy

Unfortunately, in our society “good guys” get a bad wrap because they are stereotypically boring. (At least that’s my problem with every guy who says “I don’t understand why girls won’t date me, I’m a great guy!”)

Women People want to be with other people who are confident and passionate about life.

sports car

I would take a “nice” guy who is confident and passionate about his life any day over some narcissistic guy who has muscles large enough to guard frail female honor and a sports car small enough to barely fit his ego.


I got a Tinder and so Should You!

5 Jan

You have a match!

You would think that a good-looking, business school grad, who is confident enough to write, “I’m smarter, better looking, and morekissing couple fun than the guy before or after me” would be able to handle a little sarcasm right?

He said, “We both swiped right. Soulmates. ;)”

I said, “That depends on how often you swipe right.”

“You’re the first one ever.”

“Yeah right.”

No response. Nothing. 

Ladies, I’ve had a Tinder for 24 hours and I have well over 50 matches. If I was the “first one ever” then that guy isn’t doing tinder right. Being good at tinder isn’t hard, but in my short 24 hours I’ve discovered a few tips that will help anyone swipe their way to love in no time!

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