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5 Guys I Almost Dated: Anatomy Class was VERY Instructional (#2)

29 Dec

#2 – Splinter

The semester after I got home from my mission I took anatomy and I was determined to get a good grade so I attended optional weekly class reviews.

nurse love

I saw him for the first time in a review session: tan, spiked gelled hair, green scrubs, and solid white K-SWISS shoes (fashion sense? I don’t think so). My TA Splinter. 

After the dating dry spell experienced on my mission, I was in love.

In hind sight, I realize that he wasn’t actually very funny (one of the top characteristics on my “list”), but I loved his passion for anatomy-related topics: med school, skiing accidents, prescription drug monopolies, Obamacare, and his job as a phlebotomist at the student health clinic. 

The way he saw my heart

Anatomy of the heart

He was a great TA because he always had interesting anatomy stories.

For example, his brother hit a small rock in the middle of the road which somehow knocked him off his bike and gave him a concussion. His cerebral spinal fluid wasn’t able to fully protect his brain and unfortunately his olfactory nerves were severed (CN 1). He lost his sense of smell forever because wouldn’t you know it? Olfactory nerves don’t regenerate (test question!).

I, conveniently, needed a post-mission blood sample and I decided to use the opportunity to get to know Splinter better (I had previously wanted to talk to him about some strange symptoms I had that indicated Kidney failure {according to WebMD}. But my roommate’s fiancée talked me out of it).

During that week’s review I casually asked his work hours at the student health center. After he told me, I mentioned that I needed a blood test (true), that I was really afraid of needles (true), I almost fainted last time I got my blood taken (true), and that I was pretty worried about my upcoming appointment (false).

He seemed excited for a challenging case. I made the appointment.

doctor bottle

The day of my blood work I knew what was going to happen: he was going to be kindly guide me into the lab with his arm around my shoulder, gently sit me down in a nice comfy chair, painlessly take my blood as we had deep conversation about feelings, and before I left he would ask for my number. We would live happily forever as Dr. and Mrs. Splinter.

In reality, he quizzed me about muscle groups, blood types, and hematocrit; made gave me a sucker, and sent me on my way. No interest.

After all of that plotting and planning to make it work, I was a little disappointed. Perhaps trying to bond over blood isn’t the best way to win a guy’s heart.

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How I Beat My Back-to-School Blues

4 Sep

This is how I felt on Tuesday when I went back to school.

Usually, I’m excited to go back to school.  I love buying new clothes and new pencils.  I love getting a new syllabus and planning out when and how I will study.

This school year is different.
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