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What Scares You?

28 Mar

I have always been a sucker for a good inspirational quote.  Give me a saying by Gandi, Mother Teresa, or Buddah and I will: think about it for 2 minutes, plan to make a huge change in my life, feel good about myself, and then move on.  10 minutes later I have completely forgetting about the quote and my desire to change my life.  It’s amazing to me that although this is a constant occurrence, every single time I find a new quote I get really excited…

Live like this

Live like this

This one is different for me.  I have tried my best over the past few months to “live” this quote and it’s been awesome!  I’ve discovered that nothing makes me feel more alive than doing things that make me uncomfortable.  The best part is that there are an infinite amount of things that make me uncomfortable which means that everyday brings me a small dose of uncomfortable bliss.

Just take Seth’s advice.

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