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How do YOU Build Confidence in Yourself?

20 Oct

I was on Yahoo Answers today (a website devoted to getting miscellaneous questions answered by strangers) and one Canadian woman

The_good__the_bad_and_the_ugly_by_AtixVectorasked , “How do you build confidence in yourself?”

I’ve think about this question often because I’m a fairly confident person but I can’t remember how I became this way.  In fact, figuring out how I became confident is a major reason that I started this blog.

I like many of the answers on Yahoo because they’ve worked well for me in the past.

This Yahoo Answer also taught me that some people base their confidence on Clint Eastwood movies. Who knew?

“working out” – Toni

“I watch the Good, Bad, and the Ugly..and try to figure why I’m always last:-)” – Alyse Rose

“Repetitive practice. I learn from mistakes and then after remove those mistakes committed and reach to a desired level. That gives me confidence for all my succeeding attempt.” -Hari

“By reading motivational books,listening motivational songs or reading quotes” – Gauresh

“By finishing everything you start.” – Steven S.

Vice And Virtue“I watch “Fist Full Of Dollars” Clint Eastwood” – SW7

“Well I just started thinking ‘Everybody wants to be like me.’  Then it just all clicked.” – de Extreme

What advice would you give?

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