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Are you Too Critical of the Guys that you Date?

26 Sep

OldDesignShop_FrenchLovePCFront2So What?

I have a family member who is SUPER picky about the girls that he dates.  He justifies his pickiness by saying that he isn’t going to waste time with someone who he doesn’t like very much. While I completely agree with this philosophy, I think that he might be a little extreme…

The other day he told me that one of his best friends is going to marry his ex-girlfriend.  I was a little shocked that they were getting married so soon and I asked him how he felt about it.

He said that he didn’t mind very much because he felt like he, “dodged a bullet with that girl.”

What bullet?

She posts too many pictures of animals on her Facebook wall.vintage spaghetti cat

Yes, the fatal wound that my cousin barely avoided was a bullet shell full of sparkly gun powder and kitty memes.

Although I found his reasoning to be completely ridiculous, I started to wonder about the things that I judge people for. While I wouldn’t post pictures of animals on Facebook, I don’t think that I wouldn’t avoid being with some because that was their “thing.”

In fact, I think that it’s those things that make us different and unique.  They are the IMPORTANT things that we need to celebrate in one another.  friendship

The point is that if we judge people on our differences, it divides us.  When I judge people on superficial things, it usually makes me critical and unhappy. And what’s the point of that? You’ve only got 24 hours to enjoy today, why waste them being critical of someone else? There are so many other things that you could be doing!

Reading, helping other people, creating, enjoying time with your friends.

Love Your Life Today and Suspend Judgment

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Worry Spelled Backward is Yrrow

20 Sep

Do you worry about things too much?         I do.

This past week I had a few conversations with my friends about how worry influences our lives.  I found it interesting that although we all worry about the same things,  we feel so alone in our worry. 
butterfly woman

During these conversations a common question came up:  What can we do to decrease our worry? 

Although many solutions were presented (meditation, exercise, good eating and sleep habits, ect.) we agreed that none of them actually solve the problem.  

I recently read a study about how our brains can become addicted to excessive worry or anxious thoughts. When we worry, a chemical is released which triggers the pleasure center of our brain which makes us feel good.  Although we THINK that worry makes us unhappy, biologically, we actually ENJOY it.  Worry gives our minds something to focus on; a problem to try to solve.  Essentially, we become addicted to solving problems that aren’t very important. Continue reading

How I Beat My Back-to-School Blues

4 Sep

This is how I felt on Tuesday when I went back to school.

Usually, I’m excited to go back to school.  I love buying new clothes and new pencils.  I love getting a new syllabus and planning out when and how I will study.

This school year is different.
Continue reading

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