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WORST Wedding Pictures

4 Feb

In honor of my friend Dannaea’s engagement (as well as my roomamtes Whitney and Taylor who were also recently engaged) I decided to find some inspiration for their  wedding photographers…. Funny-Wedding-Pictures-Hands

worst7 wedding

wedding angel

wedding head

wedding cheer leader

wedding tall

wedding brides maids


20 Things to Ask BEFORE You Date Him

21 Mar

Let me begin by saying that I DON’T believe in over-thinking a relationship before it even begins. Too many girls do this and it ends up ruining a potentially good relationship in the initial stages. Thus it is with EXTREME CAUTION that I post these questions.

Dating is a process and I’m posting them because many girls who haven’t dated very much don’t know exactly what to look for when getting to know a guy. I encourage you to use them as guidelines for getting to know a guy better

What should you know?

NOT as a criteria for dismissing or giving up on him. If he doesn’t answer some of these questions the way that you want or expect, get to know him better to find out why.   Enjoy!

1) Have you ever heard him talk about his parents? If so, is he respectful?

2) Would he rather TALK to you than text?
3) Is he respectful toward you around his friends?
4) Does he give you more non-physical compliments than physical compliments?
5) Does he have a job to support himself?
6) Does he handle his money well?
7) Do you have the same beliefs when it comes what matters to you most?
8) Have you talked about short and long term goals?
9) Do these goals align?
10) Does he stop when you say “stop?”
11) Does he respect your body?
12) Do you know anything about his past relationships?
13) Does he know anything about your past relationships?
14) Do you feel comfortable when he’s around the people you are closest to?
15) Does he show an interest in the things you are interested in?
16) Is he willing to admit when he is wrong?
17) Is he a person of integrity (not willing to cheat, steal, or lie even if no one is looking)?
18) Is he sensitive towards people with disabilities, people who are elderly, etc.? Have you ever seen him help someone?
19)Do you feel safe around him? Do you feel that he would protect you in a time of need?
20) Do you feel that he will stand up for you? Do you feel good about standing up for him?

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