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8 Staples in a Spanish Kitchen

20 Jul


1. Mayonnaise. Whether purchased or home made (they swear that it tastes better but my foreign palate doesn’t notice the lack of preservatives), they always have it for Russian or other cool summer salads. I can’t say for sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if they eat it with a soon sometimes.

2. Olive oil. My family has a 2 gallon container and we need it! It’s about 30% cheaper here and they even use it for deep frying.

3. Wine. You knew it was coming… Spain boasts of having some of the best wine in the world. Unfortunately it’s completely wasted on me. I do have some cool corks though!


4. Tomato. Paste for toast, sauce for pasta, eating by itself, and Gazpacho (Every night baby).

5. Galletas. Cookies here are basically jazzed up gram crackers:galletas dipped in chocolate, chocolate galleta sandwiches, plain galletas… if they had some sort of tomato galleta I wouldn’t be surprised.
**I introduced my family to s’mores with a galleta base and it was a hit!

6. Coffee. This isn’t so much a staple as much as a lifestyle: after lunch we get coffee. Period. Unless you’re craving a fanta limon like I usually am…. that’s cool too.


7. Cigarettes. Although not technically a food, they’re definitely a staple. Thankfully it’s been illegal to smoke inside buildings for the past ten years because the most frequent smokers I see are restaurant cooks standing in front of their joints.


8. Jamon. Ham from pigs that only live in a certain region of the country, run wild in the nuts, and eat a specific blend of expensive nuts.
**they have the midst DELICIOUS jamon-flavored ruffles. It sounds weird but man it’s goooood.

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