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A Letter To My Future Matchmaker

23 Mar

large loveOver the past few months, my love life has had all the tension of a romantic comedy without the payoff of a huge, white wedding for me to crash and steal the groom.

I’m only 24 years old so I’m not in a rush to find “the one” but It seems like every guy I’m interested in is an Olympian at “the game” and I haven’t worked out in a while.

I just want someone to split peanut butter and honey sandwiches with me.

images kiss

That’s where you, my emissary of affection, come in. Most women want a knight in shining armor, but I’m totally fine with the jester or even the hott stable boy. As long as he meets the following basic requirement:

1) He must have a “y” chromosome.

2) He must be funny, specifically sarcastic.

3) He needs to make money… somehow. As long as he doesn’t have the same profession as any of my previous boyfriends (lawyer, accountant, doctor, professional hocky player, and magician) or been impeached from a political office, we can make it work.

4) With my future posterity in mind, I prefer a man with equally sized nostrils, a Goldie-Locks approach to body hair –not too little and not too much– and an extra long lifeline on his palm (although, if it’s short we’ll just invest in a nice life insurance plan).

5) A widower with sweet children is preferred but I could handle hellians and a witchy ex-wife if necessary.

Some people say that “love don’t cost a thing,” but in this case, I’m prepared to pay-up: my pride, my tinder account, and an “I told you so” from my ex-best friend in middle school.

people in boat

No offense, but I hope that the next letter I write will be addressed to my future wedding planner. May Cupid and his co-angels be with you on your search.


Find a Mate for Kate


Do you Think I’m Power Hungry?

20 Mar

Today I did a little soul searching (inspired by Tinder) and I re-realized that I’m really attracted to men who motivated, intelligent, have masters degrees (+), and have accomplished interesting things. (I know that if Marie reads this her eyes are going to roll)

woman pilot 2

I’m not alone… I think that most women appreciate those types of things.

But as I was Tindering today I realized that there are only 2.5 things that I look for when I swipe.

1)    Is he motivated? (ie. already has a cool job, planning to pursue an interesting career, or in the process of getting a good education)

2)   Is he funny? (on Tinder the evidence would be on his headline…. which usually isn’t good evidence AT ALL. In real life you just feel it)

2.5)   Is he cute? (He might be top of the class at Harvard Medical School but if he isn’t at least a little bit cute… it’s a problem. If he’s funny though, I probably wont care how ugly he is)

ugly man

I typed “vintage ugly man” into a google search and this is what showed up. Apparently the standard for beauty was much higher back in the day…

I feel a little bad about my preference because {in my mind} I’m always criticizing guys for making looks such an important part of their dating selection. Yet, I do the same thing with motivation/job potential.

Granted, I’m a pretty motivated individual so I feel slightly entitled to be with someone who matches my enthusiasm…. and yet in the end, I’m actually quite shallow.

One more time: I’M SUPER SHALLOW.


woman pilot

Watch out fellas, here I come!

Now I need some advice.  If you have a second… take the poll below and let me know what you think!

I’m Going to Make you an Offer You Cannot Refuse

31 Jan

I grew up on three creativity-inspiring things: popsicle stick crafts, papusas, and Jane Austen.

Over the years, in times of soul-searching and self discovery, I’ve relied on various Jane Austen-themed quizzes to help me determine my true identity (I tried Zodiac signs for a while, but fortune cookies ended up being more reliable, so I stopped).

blind date

Unfortunately, the only thing that these divining quizzes proved was the fact that I’m an Austen chameleon.

When I’m in a “hard-to-get mood,” I’m Lizzie Bennett. When I find myself longingly remembering all of the guys I COULD have dated, I become Anne Elliot. And when I’m in the mood to selflessly make all around me others happy, I fancy myself as Emma Woodhouse.

emma woodhouseRight now I’m in an Emma mood. No, I’m not dating a man who is 15 years older than me and running around the village with my ditzy BFF who falls in love with every man who looks at her…  I’m in the mood to be a  matchmaker!

Although she tries many times, Emma never makes a successful match. I guess that one thing that we have in common. Nevertheless, we never stop trying (for anonymity sake, I’ve changed names):

Stacy and Cameron – He was a recently returned missionary and had a sexy little Latin American accent. She was a boy crazy, freckled, Spanish enthusiast.  I think they kissed at one point, but now she’s married to someone else and he is a Provo All-Star. Holla

Mable and Fred – He was boring. She was boring. Apparently two wrongs don’t make a right.

Sally and Jason – Sometimes two weird people aren’t quite weird enough to realize that being together would make them less weird.

Hannah and Tony – My leftovers pushed off onto a friend. He never asked her out and she didn’t care.

Lola and Jason – After the initial date he said that she was the “most beautiful girl in the world.” He’s pretty enthusiastic about it, but we’ll see what she thinks. Outcome: TBD

blind date disneyland

What inspired this sudden urge to match?

Earlier this week, I logged onto BYU’s job placement website and right underneath opportunities at Sears, Vanguard, and Goldman Sacks this enticing title was posted:

“The LDS Matchmaker is hiring an Assistant Matchmaker to meet with singles one on one about our services and suggest matches for clients”

(If you’re interested more details can be found here

I firmly believe that it’s important to find job opportunities that stretch my skill set. Matchmaking is an obvious choice.

Although, I don’t have time to do the job right now, I’m interested in developing the skill set.

make out

This could be you!

Thus, I’ve decided to give you, my loyal readers, a chance to find true love and myself an opportunity for myself to build my resume.  If you:

  1. Invite 30 people to “like” Irresistible Girl on Facebook
  2. Pin, Instagram, or Tweet something from this blog (only one is necessary)
  3. Email me to let me know once you’ve finished! (on your honor)

I will match you with your soulmate!

This is an oportunity you won’t want to miss, what do you have to lose? True love is just a few clicks away…

**Men are eligible too (I have MANY cute girlfriends and all of them are Irresistible).

***You must live in Utah, San Diego, Virginia or be willing to travel to one of those places to be eligible (although I would LOVE it if you still invited 30 people to “like” the FB page)

I’m in Love with a Boy that Hates Me

11 Dec

I’ve got to vent. I never wanted this to be one of those woes of dating blogs but dating seems to be on my mind right now so I guess I’ll keep at it.

“I’m in love with a girl that hates me” was the main line in the chorus of a song I heard at a talent show in High School. Two Australian guys wrote and sang the song.  Although I only heard it once, its catchy melody has made the words stick in my mind for years.  (if you can find a copy of it, I have a huge earring collection and I will give you any pair that you want)dating 2

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5 Guys I Almost Dated – Part 2

6 Dec

 #4 Michelangelo: The Oscillating Infatuation

We had a class together freshman year.  He was a handsome James Fanco-lookingjames franco guy, with a quirky personality, and he wore a leather jacket. I liked him, my friends liked him, and my mom liked him… Although he gave off the “good guy” vibe, my dad never came around.

Fun fact: He was so good at guitar hero that he decided to start his own band. I’m not actually sure if he started the band or just became a member of it.  But he could shred it in real life and in the virtual one.

We didn’t see much of each other sophomore year so eventually I lost interest.

The summer before my Junior year was a turning point for me: My flirting skills improved when I attended a stay away co-ed summer camp, I became best friends with a girl who was much more popular than I was, and I finally caved in to my mom’s badgering and started wearing makeup.

When I went back to school the tables had turned, and Michelangelo was interested.

Unfortunately, I didn’t reciprocate. Although I still thought he was cool, I felt like his maturity peaked in 7th grade and I was WAY beyond that [I’ve become much less mature since then, thank goodness!].

He still loved super heroes, Harry Potter, and any article of clothing with a howling wolf on it. Oddly enough, he makes a really weird wolf-looking facial expression in 85% of the pictures he takes.  It looks very similar to this:


Coincidence? Probably not.  He is an aspiring actor and he probably has a hard time containing his inner wolf.

I didn’t go to dances in high school very often but when I did, he was always a sweetheart by making sure to grind on me (while laughing uncontrollably).

first kiss

M-Angelo liked anime and this is what I wish our kiss would have been like. ha

After high school,we stayed friends for a while and although we never dated, he was my first kiss [an interesting story that I’ll have to share another time].

Another Fun Fact: I’m really glad that he was my first kiss because when he makes it big, I’m going to be the girl that says, “I kissed Michelangelo BEFORE he was rubbing shoulders with Bill Murray.”

Since high school he has pursued his acting career and gotten a tattoo of the dark mark on his arm.

Stories like this never have a good conclusion. They just keep going on and on until someone gets married… but who knows? Maybe the timing will work out in the future and we’ll get together again.



5 Guys I Almost Dated – Part 1

6 Dec

There are guys you like, guys you’re interested in, and then there are a select few that you find yourself completely infatuated with.  This post is dedicated to those guys.  Although I never really got close to dating any of them, I did in my mind.

**The fake names I chose are copied from a popular 1990’s tv show.

#5 Donatello – The boy who said “I Love You” the first day he met me

I was 5 or 6 years old and it was a hot summer. I was invited to go to a beach campground with some friends and their cousin Donatello.

bike kids

Donatello and I hit it off from the start: we rode bikes all day, ate rocket-shaped popsicles, and discovered a “secret spot” that had never been seen by humans before. Near the end of our magical day, we were sitting in an inter tube in the middle of San Diego Bay.

He turned to me and said: “I think I love you.”


“Yeah, I love you”

Should we get married now? Where will we live? Will we have kids? Can I EVEN have kids right now?!

“Thanks,” I replied

I have yet to say those words to anyone I’ve dated



The Fish out of Water

7 Nov

Love mermaid

How to go from Underdog to Top Dog

2 Nov

Now what?

Gloria_Swanson_&_TeddyI have two girl friends (they’re REAL friends, not metaphorical) who are in two different types of relationships.

Relationship #1: My friend is with a guy who seems perfect. He is super cute, witty, smart, motivated, easy-going, personable, and fun. She loves to spend time with him but he doesn’t invest much in their relationship which makes her feel  like the unappreciated underdog.  He likes her enough to keep dating but he just isn’t THAT into her.

The other friend is with a guy who isn’t as obviously great. He is also smart, motivated, and nice, but he isn’t as outgoing, confident,HalloweenKid or fun to be around as she would like. Although he is more of the underdog, this guy loves her… REALLY loves her. My friend is finally responding to his attention and although its taken some time, she is learning to love him too.

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How I Hacked Online Dating

21 Oct

Its a little long and a little more tech related than I would usually sit through, but I think its worth a watch!

Are you Too Critical of the Guys that you Date?

26 Sep

OldDesignShop_FrenchLovePCFront2So What?

I have a family member who is SUPER picky about the girls that he dates.  He justifies his pickiness by saying that he isn’t going to waste time with someone who he doesn’t like very much. While I completely agree with this philosophy, I think that he might be a little extreme…

The other day he told me that one of his best friends is going to marry his ex-girlfriend.  I was a little shocked that they were getting married so soon and I asked him how he felt about it.

He said that he didn’t mind very much because he felt like he, “dodged a bullet with that girl.”

What bullet?

She posts too many pictures of animals on her Facebook wall.vintage spaghetti cat

Yes, the fatal wound that my cousin barely avoided was a bullet shell full of sparkly gun powder and kitty memes.

Although I found his reasoning to be completely ridiculous, I started to wonder about the things that I judge people for. While I wouldn’t post pictures of animals on Facebook, I don’t think that I wouldn’t avoid being with some because that was their “thing.”

In fact, I think that it’s those things that make us different and unique.  They are the IMPORTANT things that we need to celebrate in one another.  friendship

The point is that if we judge people on our differences, it divides us.  When I judge people on superficial things, it usually makes me critical and unhappy. And what’s the point of that? You’ve only got 24 hours to enjoy today, why waste them being critical of someone else? There are so many other things that you could be doing!

Reading, helping other people, creating, enjoying time with your friends.

Love Your Life Today and Suspend Judgment

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