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5 Guys I Almost Dated – Part 1

6 Dec

There are guys you like, guys you’re interested in, and then there are a select few that you find yourself completely infatuated with.  This post is dedicated to those guys.  Although I never really got close to dating any of them, I did in my mind.

**The fake names I chose are copied from a popular 1990’s tv show.

#5 Donatello – The boy who said “I Love You” the first day he met me

I was 5 or 6 years old and it was a hot summer. I was invited to go to a beach campground with some friends and their cousin Donatello.

bike kids

Donatello and I hit it off from the start: we rode bikes all day, ate rocket-shaped popsicles, and discovered a “secret spot” that had never been seen by humans before. Near the end of our magical day, we were sitting in an inter tube in the middle of San Diego Bay.

He turned to me and said: “I think I love you.”


“Yeah, I love you”

Should we get married now? Where will we live? Will we have kids? Can I EVEN have kids right now?!

“Thanks,” I replied

I have yet to say those words to anyone I’ve dated



How to be the Juiciest Peach

3 Dec

I’ve never liked following the rules, even as a kid. Most girls will play house, wedding, or family vacation with their favorite characters: Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. When my mom would buy me  a new Barbie I would spend about 15 minutes getting the Barbie out of the box and play with it for about 6 minutes.

Then I was bored.


I would pick up the little plastic ties that Mattel used to stick my Barbie to the cardboard, like an accident victim to a gurney, and make a wire sculpture.  Once my sculpture was done, I would get some popsicle sticks to make a platform for the sculpture.  Within two hours I created a masterpiece of wire, thin pieces of wood, colored pens, and glitter.

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What do Peanut Butter, Anne Of Green Gables, and Housework Have to do With Having a Better Day?

18 May

Do you remember a children’s show called “The Big Comfy Couch“? It was about a clown who lived on a HUGE couch and pulled out unusual things out from between the cushions.  I don’t remember much about the show itself but I know that it came on after one of my favorite shows… Sailor Moon. Whenever Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts finished up their latest adventure The Big Comfy Couch would come on and I found myself faced with a difficult decision: Should I go do my chores? Or watch the couch show?

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