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4 Fashion Trends to Sport in the Marriott Business School This Fall

3 Sep

The Tanner Building, home of the Marriott School of Management, is known as the place for beautiful people. No one really knows why…  Maybe it’s the sheer number of demi-god athletes who study there because they get in without meeting the application requirements, or maybe it’s the fact that they study the most materialistic subject at BYU, or maybe everyone in the school just has super rich parents.

One thing is for sure: you can’t wear your PJ’s or Wal-Mart brand undies to class in this building.


1. In other schools on campus, when guys lose their hair they move on. In the Marriott School we fight a little harder… when a guy loses his hair he replaces it with fabric. Cool brands like Volcom/DC/Nike, athletic teams, or the cool vintage trucker hat salvaged from Aunt Sue’s coat closet.

blue plaid

2. The night after a male is accepted to the Marriott SchoolI a magical fairy drops one of these bad boys in his closet with instructions to wear it at least once every two weeks. Girls don’t get anything… maybe that’s why the gender ratio is a little skewed! (tie is optional)


3. I think this haircut is ugly, but business students eat it up! Since the honor code is a little strict about hair, I understand the need to be “unique” and if you aren’t forced to choose option number 1 then you might as well show off your thick, wavy, (frequently blond) head of hair.

mop top

4. And lets not forget the ladies….skirt suit


ryan suit

Although who are we kidding? These things look SO much better on guys.


Cuatro Cosas

26 Feb

1) I’ve wanted one of these dresses for YEARS. Someday, I’m going to caugh up a couple hundred rupees to buy one, but in the mean time I’ll just pin a bunch of them on my pinterest board.

indian dress

2) Winston Chur-chill. I’ve been on a mini Churhill kick lately… had I been alive a few years earlier, I think we would have been friends (assuming that I was farily well-connected and British).


3)  I’m trying to figure out how to put one of these above my parent’s hot tub. Any ideas?


4) TED EX @ BYU.  I’m goin on March 21st. #dreamcometrue


Bonus. The sun. It’s finally back and it makes me feel great!

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