17 Apr

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I Can’t Stand Running for Elected Office

14 Apr

lincoln_no_beardThe writing challange on Daily Post this week is to write a 50 word story. This is my attempt to capture my thoughts about the moment when I made the decision to take some extra responsibility in a non-profit organization (short stories aren’t really my thing… but I gave it a wack).

It’s time to move on.

Two leave; one doesn’t want the responsibility.

Improving the financial mobility of minorities will soon end

Unsure of my true motivation — Passion or power — I opened my phone

“What do I need to do to become the president?”

I’ve been volunteering for a local non-profit this semester and pretty much all of the leadership is leaving to go to grad school at the end of the summer. There are only a few members of the organization left.  I’m not really qualified or experienced enough to apply for the position but why not give it a shot? (AND write a dramatic blog post about it!)

This is the Least Creative Post I’ve Ever Written

9 Apr

Mostly because I’m not going to do any writing. I’m going to let my creativity idol Tina do the talking.

I’ve been a big Tina Seelig fan for a while… seeing her on TED is just a dream come true!

Anyone who Reads my Blog — Even Occasionally — Should be Able to Answer This Question

6 Apr

Ever heard of Quora?

It’s a fusion between pinterest, blogher, and twitter. Basically it’s a website where people ask and answer questions… I really enjoy it!rita hayworth

A few weeks ago I asked a question and I only received two answers.

I was genuinely curious to see what types of responses I would get… if you’ve got 2 minutes check it out here.

(The question: What character trait do you find to be most irresistible about yourself?)


How to Make Enemies and be Influenced by People

5 Apr

If you’re not aware of Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” I suggest you get out from under the rock you’ve been hiding under and make your way to a thrift store to find a copy (only the very best and worst books end up in thrift stores… have you ever noticed how many copies of the Bible, Harry Potter, and Twilight thrift stores have?).  Otherwise, check out this link.


When my parents realized that I didn’t have any friends (in middle school) they bought me a copy.  I suppose that I’d grown out of the “Care and Keeping of Friends”  by American Girl and it was time to move on.

The book is oozing with great leadership tips and skills. A few drops managed to land on my computer screen today. Thankfully.


Dale’s Tips (lets see if there are any shocking ideas…)

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
  2. Smile.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.

Solid advice. If anyone is looking to make new friends, this is USUALLY the way to do it. Although I think that advice is considered “good” because it doesn’t come naturally for most people.

Unfortunately, I know a few people who are a little too natural at these things… If you lived by these tips you would be a selfless communicator which I s good ( I guess?) but no one would want to talk to you.


People who smile too much are creepy.

People who listen too well seem to have no opinions.

People who say foreign names in an accent usually sound dumb (although I suppose it’s the effort that counts!)

As in everything, find a balance and be happy.  Thanks for the tips Dale!

Whoever said that Women want Masculine Men Should Look at this Statistic

27 Mar


feminine men


I found this on so I think it’s fairly reputable.

EliteSingles did some investigating to see exactly what type of men and women are most desirable by other men and women. Ready for the kicker that might make the machismo in you want to do a little soul-searching and revamping, guys?


Continue reading

A Letter To My Future Matchmaker

23 Mar

large loveOver the past few months, my love life has had all the tension of a romantic comedy without the payoff of a huge, white wedding for me to crash and steal the groom.

I’m only 24 years old so I’m not in a rush to find “the one” but It seems like every guy I’m interested in is an Olympian at “the game” and I haven’t worked out in a while.

I just want someone to split peanut butter and honey sandwiches with me.

images kiss

That’s where you, my emissary of affection, come in. Most women want a knight in shining armor, but I’m totally fine with the jester or even the hott stable boy. As long as he meets the following basic requirement:

1) He must have a “y” chromosome.

2) He must be funny, specifically sarcastic.

3) He needs to make money… somehow. As long as he doesn’t have the same profession as any of my previous boyfriends (lawyer, accountant, doctor, professional hocky player, and magician) or been impeached from a political office, we can make it work.

4) With my future posterity in mind, I prefer a man with equally sized nostrils, a Goldie-Locks approach to body hair –not too little and not too much– and an extra long lifeline on his palm (although, if it’s short we’ll just invest in a nice life insurance plan).

5) A widower with sweet children is preferred but I could handle hellians and a witchy ex-wife if necessary.

Some people say that “love don’t cost a thing,” but in this case, I’m prepared to pay-up: my pride, my tinder account, and an “I told you so” from my ex-best friend in middle school.

people in boat

No offense, but I hope that the next letter I write will be addressed to my future wedding planner. May Cupid and his co-angels be with you on your search.


Find a Mate for Kate

I’m Waiting for Prince Annoying

21 Mar



love is being stupid together

Do you Think I’m Power Hungry?

20 Mar

Today I did a little soul searching (inspired by Tinder) and I re-realized that I’m really attracted to men who motivated, intelligent, have masters degrees (+), and have accomplished interesting things. (I know that if Marie reads this her eyes are going to roll)

woman pilot 2

I’m not alone… I think that most women appreciate those types of things.

But as I was Tindering today I realized that there are only 2.5 things that I look for when I swipe.

1)    Is he motivated? (ie. already has a cool job, planning to pursue an interesting career, or in the process of getting a good education)

2)   Is he funny? (on Tinder the evidence would be on his headline…. which usually isn’t good evidence AT ALL. In real life you just feel it)

2.5)   Is he cute? (He might be top of the class at Harvard Medical School but if he isn’t at least a little bit cute… it’s a problem. If he’s funny though, I probably wont care how ugly he is)

ugly man

I typed “vintage ugly man” into a google search and this is what showed up. Apparently the standard for beauty was much higher back in the day…

I feel a little bad about my preference because {in my mind} I’m always criticizing guys for making looks such an important part of their dating selection. Yet, I do the same thing with motivation/job potential.

Granted, I’m a pretty motivated individual so I feel slightly entitled to be with someone who matches my enthusiasm…. and yet in the end, I’m actually quite shallow.

One more time: I’M SUPER SHALLOW.


woman pilot

Watch out fellas, here I come!

Now I need some advice.  If you have a second… take the poll below and let me know what you think!

The Thing I Hate Most About Blogging

18 Mar

I hate that I always write for other people.

Every time I write a blog post I do it because I see a problem that I want to fix, a friend suggests a unique topic, I’m trying to be funny, or I want to share something interesting I found.

st patrics day

If i wrote about what I think about 90% of the time, it would be a boring list of people who bother me, anxieties I feel about my future, boys who wont date me, guilt about eating an extra cookie or brownie, world problems I would love to solve if I had more time and money, how pathetic my spanish study is going, the amount of time it took me to get to school today (15 min! One of my fastest times), ect.

Super exciting.


I suppose it’s time to invest in a journal.  And a giant clover.



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