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A Letter To My Future Matchmaker

23 Mar

large loveOver the past few months, my love life has had all the tension of a romantic comedy without the payoff of a huge, white wedding for me to crash and steal the groom.

I’m only 24 years old so I’m not in a rush to find “the one” but It seems like every guy I’m interested in is an Olympian at “the game” and I haven’t worked out in a while.

I just want someone to split peanut butter and honey sandwiches with me.

images kiss

That’s where you, my emissary of affection, come in. Most women want a knight in shining armor, but I’m totally fine with the jester or even the hott stable boy. As long as he meets the following basic requirement:

1) He must have a “y” chromosome.

2) He must be funny, specifically sarcastic.

3) He needs to make money… somehow. As long as he doesn’t have the same profession as any of my previous boyfriends (lawyer, accountant, doctor, professional hocky player, and magician) or been impeached from a political office, we can make it work.

4) With my future posterity in mind, I prefer a man with equally sized nostrils, a Goldie-Locks approach to body hair –not too little and not too much– and an extra long lifeline on his palm (although, if it’s short we’ll just invest in a nice life insurance plan).

5) A widower with sweet children is preferred but I could handle hellians and a witchy ex-wife if necessary.

Some people say that “love don’t cost a thing,” but in this case, I’m prepared to pay-up: my pride, my tinder account, and an “I told you so” from my ex-best friend in middle school.

people in boat

No offense, but I hope that the next letter I write will be addressed to my future wedding planner. May Cupid and his co-angels be with you on your search.


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Do you Think I’m Power Hungry?

20 Mar

Today I did a little soul searching (inspired by Tinder) and I re-realized that I’m really attracted to men who motivated, intelligent, have masters degrees (+), and have accomplished interesting things. (I know that if Marie reads this her eyes are going to roll)

woman pilot 2

I’m not alone… I think that most women appreciate those types of things.

But as I was Tindering today I realized that there are only 2.5 things that I look for when I swipe.

1)    Is he motivated? (ie. already has a cool job, planning to pursue an interesting career, or in the process of getting a good education)

2)   Is he funny? (on Tinder the evidence would be on his headline…. which usually isn’t good evidence AT ALL. In real life you just feel it)

2.5)   Is he cute? (He might be top of the class at Harvard Medical School but if he isn’t at least a little bit cute… it’s a problem. If he’s funny though, I probably wont care how ugly he is)

ugly man

I typed “vintage ugly man” into a google search and this is what showed up. Apparently the standard for beauty was much higher back in the day…

I feel a little bad about my preference because {in my mind} I’m always criticizing guys for making looks such an important part of their dating selection. Yet, I do the same thing with motivation/job potential.

Granted, I’m a pretty motivated individual so I feel slightly entitled to be with someone who matches my enthusiasm…. and yet in the end, I’m actually quite shallow.

One more time: I’M SUPER SHALLOW.


woman pilot

Watch out fellas, here I come!

Now I need some advice.  If you have a second… take the poll below and let me know what you think!

How to be the Juiciest Peach

3 Dec

I’ve never liked following the rules, even as a kid. Most girls will play house, wedding, or family vacation with their favorite characters: Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. When my mom would buy me  a new Barbie I would spend about 15 minutes getting the Barbie out of the box and play with it for about 6 minutes.

Then I was bored.


I would pick up the little plastic ties that Mattel used to stick my Barbie to the cardboard, like an accident victim to a gurney, and make a wire sculpture.  Once my sculpture was done, I would get some popsicle sticks to make a platform for the sculpture.  Within two hours I created a masterpiece of wire, thin pieces of wood, colored pens, and glitter.

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My Future Funeral

9 Nov

So what?

I was reading an article about a girl who died of bone cancer last week.  I don’t usually like inspirational stories about death because they make me sad but this girl intrigued me because she had an insanely cool bucket list.

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How to Break a bad Habit (less than 20 Words)

26 Oct

Bad Habit

Although starting a new habit can seem overwhelming, sometimes it’s actually quite simple.  I’ve linked these four basic points to my favorite websites about habit building.  Enjoy!

1) Understand why you have the habit

2) Change your perspective

3) Set Parameters for change

4) Make consistent decisions to support that change


Why Do We Cry?

20 Oct


Why Going into Business was the Best, Worst Decision I’ve ever Made

4 Oct

So What?monster movie

Having natural talent is great but having a good work ethic is even better.  I’ve always believed that if I study hard enough I will be able to get good grades and succeed in school.  With a few exceptions, that perspective has helped me a lot.  Unfortunately, I’m living in a class schedule that’s full of exceptions.

Ever since I decided to go into business, I’ve loved my decision: I’m interested in my classes, I’ve had supportive teachers, and I like how the material is very relevant in my life.  When I go to the business school I feel like I enter a beehive of opportunity.  Its always busy and it’s always buzzing.  My favorite thing about it is that when I’m there, a majority of the people that I meet match my enthusiasm for life.

That being said; business classes don’t love me.

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When Band Aids and Neosporin Aren’t Enough…

22 Sep



Worry Spelled Backward is Yrrow

20 Sep

Do you worry about things too much?         I do.

This past week I had a few conversations with my friends about how worry influences our lives.  I found it interesting that although we all worry about the same things,  we feel so alone in our worry. 
butterfly woman

During these conversations a common question came up:  What can we do to decrease our worry? 

Although many solutions were presented (meditation, exercise, good eating and sleep habits, ect.) we agreed that none of them actually solve the problem.  

I recently read a study about how our brains can become addicted to excessive worry or anxious thoughts. When we worry, a chemical is released which triggers the pleasure center of our brain which makes us feel good.  Although we THINK that worry makes us unhappy, biologically, we actually ENJOY it.  Worry gives our minds something to focus on; a problem to try to solve.  Essentially, we become addicted to solving problems that aren’t very important. Continue reading

The Best Flirting Technique That I Learned From Boy-Band Pop

7 Jun

Infatuation.  The driving force behind a majority of modern pop music.

There are a million songs about every aspect of love.  The Chance Encounter. Flirting. Obsession. Marriage. Heartbreak.  Although most seem to yield feebly original content & lyrics, they manage to lure listeners in with a catchy new tune and a big name singer.

Anyway, in high school I loved this song.  Since I didn’t have much experience with boys, I loved this musical articulation of a cute guy’s infatuation for an amazing, fun, mysterious girl.  It was like crack for my mind.  For 4 minutes and 24 seconds I got a glimpse into his mind and I tried to analyze her successful flirting tactics. I would listen to it and think, How can I become like her? Completely irresistible to guys?

The answer is simple: Be hard to get.

Although it has a negative connotation, being hard to get is one of the best ways to attract guys because It’s the fuel for infatuation.

There are billions of women on this planet.  Many of them are smarter, prettier, funnier, and more talented than you.  Why would a guy want to choose you?

I don’t know.

And neither does he.

It isn’t your job to get a date by flirting shamelessly or talking about every single one of your life’s achievements, all you need to do is work on being Irresistible to yourself. The Big Secret? Become passionate about your life. When you’re passionate about your life, you give off a good vibe that attracts other people to you.  I don’t know why it works, but it does.

(Viola in She’s The Man = confident)

Be excited about your goals. Discover unusual hobbies.  Develop meaningful relationships.

When you live your life the way that YOU want to live it being “hard to get” is a natural side affect.  Many girls mistake manipulation or playing games for “being hard to get.”  There is a huge difference between building your confidence and attempting to mess with a guy’s emotions.  Frankly, I find those tactics to be immature, annoying, and damaging.

All you have to do is be excited about your life and interested in the lives of others.  Its the only sincere way to flirt.

If you feel like you lack confidence right now, don’t worry.  Confidence takes years to develop… I consider it to be one of those things that you always work on but never truly perfect.

I’m no expert in confidence, but one thing that has helped me a lot is to spend time thinking about all of the things that I love about myself: What difficult experiences have you overcome? What characteristics do you value about yourself? What do your friends think about you?

lips.jpgYou are unique, and special.  Own it.

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