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How many Pinterest Quotes do you Think I can Squeeze into one Post?

22 Nov

I really don’t have time for this today, but I was talking to a friend the other day about blogging (both of us were a little rusty) and when I got back on here I had so much fun looking through some of my old funny and semi-ridiculous posts that I HAD to write again.  I wish that I was a better artist, slam poet, costume designer, stunt coordinator, etc. but I have yet to develop “cool” self-expression skills and until I do this blog will continue to be a boring mess of scattered thoughts.

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Why Spanish Women Should (and do) Wear Perfume

17 Jul

Sorry that its taken so long for me to update… before I came I thought that I would have more time, but I’ve been so focused on learning spanish and sight-seeing that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the tapas!

Before coming to Spain, I knew that Europeans kiss on the cheek when meeting someone for the first time, but for some reason I thought that my passport would give me immunity.b_w_humor_kiss_vintage_black_and_white_funny

Of course, my first day at work was a whirlwind of kissing and pleasantries. When I first got to the office, my co-worker took me around and introduced me to every single person.

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How to be Friends Without Creeping into the Mary Kate and Ashley Territory

7 May

I’m no friendship expert, but I think that the best friends are the ones that are most different from you.

I have a friend… we’ll call her “Kelsey”. While we’re at it, lets give her a really cute last name too… How about “Darling”?

vintage makeup

Kelsey and I are about as similar as MAC and NYC makeup brands (not NYX (for the uninitiated male go to this link (I think I’ll nest parentheses more often))).

She cleans the dishes, and I take too long to pull my clothes out of the laundry.

She’s five minutes early; I’m like the eagles that opportunely appear throughout the Lord of the Rings movies… just on time.

She subconsciously only buys earrings with triangle designs. I buy every cute pair of earrings I can find under $10.


She hates my major. I hate her job.

What in the world could we possibly have in common?

We both like cheesecake, we’re both really good about maintaining the TP supply in our respective bathrooms, and we both enjoy dating Ryan Gosling (although neither of us has ever tried it).

Protected: Happy Ever After: A How To

27 Apr

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A Letter To My Future Matchmaker

23 Mar

large loveOver the past few months, my love life has had all the tension of a romantic comedy without the payoff of a huge, white wedding for me to crash and steal the groom.

I’m only 24 years old so I’m not in a rush to find “the one” but It seems like every guy I’m interested in is an Olympian at “the game” and I haven’t worked out in a while.

I just want someone to split peanut butter and honey sandwiches with me.

images kiss

That’s where you, my emissary of affection, come in. Most women want a knight in shining armor, but I’m totally fine with the jester or even the hott stable boy. As long as he meets the following basic requirement:

1) He must have a “y” chromosome.

2) He must be funny, specifically sarcastic.

3) He needs to make money… somehow. As long as he doesn’t have the same profession as any of my previous boyfriends (lawyer, accountant, doctor, professional hocky player, and magician) or been impeached from a political office, we can make it work.

4) With my future posterity in mind, I prefer a man with equally sized nostrils, a Goldie-Locks approach to body hair –not too little and not too much– and an extra long lifeline on his palm (although, if it’s short we’ll just invest in a nice life insurance plan).

5) A widower with sweet children is preferred but I could handle hellians and a witchy ex-wife if necessary.

Some people say that “love don’t cost a thing,” but in this case, I’m prepared to pay-up: my pride, my tinder account, and an “I told you so” from my ex-best friend in middle school.

people in boat

No offense, but I hope that the next letter I write will be addressed to my future wedding planner. May Cupid and his co-angels be with you on your search.


Find a Mate for Kate

Do you Think I’m Power Hungry?

20 Mar

Today I did a little soul searching (inspired by Tinder) and I re-realized that I’m really attracted to men who motivated, intelligent, have masters degrees (+), and have accomplished interesting things. (I know that if Marie reads this her eyes are going to roll)

woman pilot 2

I’m not alone… I think that most women appreciate those types of things.

But as I was Tindering today I realized that there are only 2.5 things that I look for when I swipe.

1)    Is he motivated? (ie. already has a cool job, planning to pursue an interesting career, or in the process of getting a good education)

2)   Is he funny? (on Tinder the evidence would be on his headline…. which usually isn’t good evidence AT ALL. In real life you just feel it)

2.5)   Is he cute? (He might be top of the class at Harvard Medical School but if he isn’t at least a little bit cute… it’s a problem. If he’s funny though, I probably wont care how ugly he is)

ugly man

I typed “vintage ugly man” into a google search and this is what showed up. Apparently the standard for beauty was much higher back in the day…

I feel a little bad about my preference because {in my mind} I’m always criticizing guys for making looks such an important part of their dating selection. Yet, I do the same thing with motivation/job potential.

Granted, I’m a pretty motivated individual so I feel slightly entitled to be with someone who matches my enthusiasm…. and yet in the end, I’m actually quite shallow.

One more time: I’M SUPER SHALLOW.


woman pilot

Watch out fellas, here I come!

Now I need some advice.  If you have a second… take the poll below and let me know what you think!

The Thing I Hate Most About Blogging

18 Mar

I hate that I always write for other people.

Every time I write a blog post I do it because I see a problem that I want to fix, a friend suggests a unique topic, I’m trying to be funny, or I want to share something interesting I found.

st patrics day

If i wrote about what I think about 90% of the time, it would be a boring list of people who bother me, anxieties I feel about my future, boys who wont date me, guilt about eating an extra cookie or brownie, world problems I would love to solve if I had more time and money, how pathetic my spanish study is going, the amount of time it took me to get to school today (15 min! One of my fastest times), ect.

Super exciting.


I suppose it’s time to invest in a journal.  And a giant clover.



Why my Creativity isn’t Very Creative

27 Feb


belly dancing


I love cultural fusion but it seems like all of my ideas are dumb OR taken before I execute them.

My china-mex restaurant already exists in Odessa, TX (Stir fry burrito?).


Or my tribal henna tattoo for those special occasions when you want to look authentic but don’t want to fully commit?

face tattoos

Anyway, my latest idea was inspired by two of my favorite things to watch: ice skating and belly dancing (I also enjoy watching curling but the only way that fusion would work is if they added style points and called it “belly curling” ).

But even THAT was already taken.

I’m not TOO upset about it because I’ve never been very good at dancing.

All of my female cousins took dance lessons and I think that my mom decided to make me the involuntarily black sheep by with holding the training for that coveted skill (2 years of softball, 1 year of soccer, and many years of volleyball).

belly dancing 1

For me, belly-skating just wasn’t meant to be.

I’m Going to Make you an Offer You Cannot Refuse

31 Jan

I grew up on three creativity-inspiring things: popsicle stick crafts, papusas, and Jane Austen.

Over the years, in times of soul-searching and self discovery, I’ve relied on various Jane Austen-themed quizzes to help me determine my true identity (I tried Zodiac signs for a while, but fortune cookies ended up being more reliable, so I stopped).

blind date

Unfortunately, the only thing that these divining quizzes proved was the fact that I’m an Austen chameleon.

When I’m in a “hard-to-get mood,” I’m Lizzie Bennett. When I find myself longingly remembering all of the guys I COULD have dated, I become Anne Elliot. And when I’m in the mood to selflessly make all around me others happy, I fancy myself as Emma Woodhouse.

emma woodhouseRight now I’m in an Emma mood. No, I’m not dating a man who is 15 years older than me and running around the village with my ditzy BFF who falls in love with every man who looks at her…  I’m in the mood to be a  matchmaker!

Although she tries many times, Emma never makes a successful match. I guess that one thing that we have in common. Nevertheless, we never stop trying (for anonymity sake, I’ve changed names):

Stacy and Cameron – He was a recently returned missionary and had a sexy little Latin American accent. She was a boy crazy, freckled, Spanish enthusiast.  I think they kissed at one point, but now she’s married to someone else and he is a Provo All-Star. Holla

Mable and Fred – He was boring. She was boring. Apparently two wrongs don’t make a right.

Sally and Jason – Sometimes two weird people aren’t quite weird enough to realize that being together would make them less weird.

Hannah and Tony – My leftovers pushed off onto a friend. He never asked her out and she didn’t care.

Lola and Jason – After the initial date he said that she was the “most beautiful girl in the world.” He’s pretty enthusiastic about it, but we’ll see what she thinks. Outcome: TBD

blind date disneyland

What inspired this sudden urge to match?

Earlier this week, I logged onto BYU’s job placement website and right underneath opportunities at Sears, Vanguard, and Goldman Sacks this enticing title was posted:

“The LDS Matchmaker is hiring an Assistant Matchmaker to meet with singles one on one about our services and suggest matches for clients”

(If you’re interested more details can be found here

I firmly believe that it’s important to find job opportunities that stretch my skill set. Matchmaking is an obvious choice.

Although, I don’t have time to do the job right now, I’m interested in developing the skill set.

make out

This could be you!

Thus, I’ve decided to give you, my loyal readers, a chance to find true love and myself an opportunity for myself to build my resume.  If you:

  1. Invite 30 people to “like” Irresistible Girl on Facebook
  2. Pin, Instagram, or Tweet something from this blog (only one is necessary)
  3. Email me to let me know once you’ve finished! (on your honor)

I will match you with your soulmate!

This is an oportunity you won’t want to miss, what do you have to lose? True love is just a few clicks away…

**Men are eligible too (I have MANY cute girlfriends and all of them are Irresistible).

***You must live in Utah, San Diego, Virginia or be willing to travel to one of those places to be eligible (although I would LOVE it if you still invited 30 people to “like” the FB page)

The Best Therapy I’ve Ever Had

27 Jan


Every Mormon missionary knows the phrase, “forget yourself and go to work.”

The quote is famous because it was written in a letter to one of the presidents of the church while he was a young man. It came at a point in his mission when the thought of violating one more “No Trespassing” or “No Soliciting” sign to knock a door seemed like too much (or maybe I was the only one who got sick of people yelling at us for ignoring those signs).no missionary

Anyway, the story goes that after he read the letter, it gave him the motivation he needed to overcome his desire to quit, finish his mission, and later became the president of the church.

Just like the advice my mom has given me for the past 6 years —  learn to cut guys hair so that I can make money AND get more dates — the quote went in one ear and out the other. Until this semester.

Over the past few weeks, my motivation for doing my daily tasks has changed and “going to work” is the only thing that makes sense.

What changed my perspective?

My Organizational Behavior professor has given the class an assignment to make a goal to change something about our lives, set benchmarks, develop a reward system and in true college form, write a meaningful, five page paper that will probably be used as kindling for my hippie TA’s campfire after she spends a total of 23 seconds reading it.

Setting goals is easy; developing a reward system has been about as hard as it was for me to ask people who were much older, wiser, and more religious than me to call me “sister” (often prompting the question, “are you a Nun?”).MissionaryTag

I have no internal desire to do it.

This assignment made me realize that I don’t need to develop a surface level reward system (treat myself to ice cream, clothes, or a day at the spa) because it’s better to be motivated by core values.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my core values and I find that when I make value-centered life goals — much like the mission-centered goals I used to make– I’m much happier and more fulfilled.


“Going to work” everyday helps me find purpose in mundane tasks.  I no longer worry about achieving things that others consider to be “great” in order to be happy.

My life has become my reward. 

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