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How many Pinterest Quotes do you Think I can Squeeze into one Post?

22 Nov

I really don’t have time for this today, but I was talking to a friend the other day about blogging (both of us were a little rusty) and when I got back on here I had so much fun looking through some of my old funny and semi-ridiculous posts that I HAD to write again.  I wish that I was a better artist, slam poet, costume designer, stunt coordinator, etc. but I have yet to develop “cool” self-expression skills and until I do this blog will continue to be a boring mess of scattered thoughts.

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The Best Christmas Present I Never Received

25 Dec

“Nothing in this world can take place of persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent….” Calvin Coolidge.

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I Was The Unintentional Party Pooper

1 Dec


Normal Party: A place where people get drunk and have fun.  Doing drugs, dancing, and hooking up are also popular activities.

Before tonight, the only parties I’ve been to were:

  1. A bro/bro-ho party in High School.  My Australian exchange students wanted to go to a “real” American party so a friend offered to take us to a friend of a friend’s place. The party ended up being hosted by a group of White Supremests (in San Diego we call them “Bros”).  Besides a few stupid racial slurs and my sweet little Christian friend’s body shaking uncontrollably because she decided to try alcohol AND weed for the first time, I had a great time talking with a guy who told me all about the logistics of his family’s pot farm.
  2. An African-American Family Reunion.  On my mission, one of the new members of the congregation invited us to come have dinner with his extended family. I was picturing a quiet, small cook-out with ribs and potato salad. Instead, there were about 75 to 80 people standing in the trailer park dressed like they were going to the club, drinking and listening to obscene rap music. Usually missionaries fit in pretty well at family gatherings; not this one. I felt like Sister Kate Herrod, the Mormon Buzz kill.
  3. Weekly Happy Hour with my work friends.  We had a lot of fun filling up on free chips and 1/2 priced drinks. Every week they would offer to buy me alcohol and I would always opt for a soda. Looking back, I can’t really figure out why I wanted to go every week. Whats the point of going to happy hour if you’re not going to take advantage of the liquor?

If you didn’t already know, I’m a Mormon, or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Members of my church generally try to abstain from alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

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8 Meaningful Ways to Help a Homeless Person

24 Nov

I’ve always felt that it is MY responsibility to take care of the poor and downtrodden in my community.  Although I donate to charitable organizations, I find the most satisfaction when I can give to others directly. honeless man

Whenever I see a homeless person around town I want to help, but I never do because I want to do something more meaningful than money. When I get holiday gifts, I HATE the money presents because although they’re useful, they’re SO GENERIC. They require absolutely no forethought. Thus, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I consulted my favorite internet forums and put together a list of meaningful ways to help the homeless.

1) Carry around granola bars.  You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s actually a great way to solve one of the most pressing problems that homeless people have.  What could be more meaningful than giving food to a hungry person?

2) Gift Cards and Coupons. Often times, homeless people have a small amount of money to use for their most basic needs.  Giving a coupon can ease some of their financial burdens.  Giving a gift card is even be better. homeless

3) Rent a locker to store their valuables. It’s hard for homeless people to keep their most valuable possessions safe so one blog I read suggested that you pre-purchase a few months rent on a locker at a shelter or community center.

4) Extra blankets and sleep pads. Rather than giving them to a thrift store, put them in your car and wait for the opportunity to give them away yourself.

5) Be on the lookout for easy job opportunities. It’s hard for homeless people to find job opportunities.  One of the greatest ways you can help them is through referrals and networking. Networking has been proven to be the best way to get a job and that applies to homeless people too!

6) Clean clothes.  Same as bedding.

7) Save old hotel shampoo and conditioner bottles.  Small sizes are easily transportable which makes them a better option than large cumbersome bottles. Take your own bottle of shampoo on vacations and save the travel size bottles for others.

8) Donate bus tokens. It can be hard for homeless people to get around town quickly, bus tokens can help quite a bit. You can either purchase tokens on your own or coordinate with the local homeless shelter for help.

20 Things I Should have Known at age 20

16 Nov

1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets,people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.Vintage Photos of Thrill Rides (1)

2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By the time they build the curriculum, it’s likely that the system is outdated– sometimes utterly broken. You both learn and get respect from people worth getting it from by leading and doing, not by following.

3. Read as much as you can. Learn to speed read with high retention.Emerson Spartz taught me this while I was at a Summit Series event. If he reads 2-3 books a week, you can read one.

4. Connect with everyone, all the time. Be genuine about it. Learn to find something you like in each person, and then speak to that thing.

5. Don’t waste time being shy. Shyness is the belief that your emotions should be the arbitrators of your decision making process when the opposite is actually true.
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Did you Actually say That?

14 Nov

So What?

Today, I gave a presentation in one of my classes that required 3-4 different sessions of written audience feedback.  I appreciated all the constructive feedback I received except for one comment.gossip

Some hot-shot guy wrote a note containing criticism along the lines of, “LISTEN! When we’re giving you feedback don’t talk about all of the things that you did wrong. Just listen to our feedback.”

It was good advice.
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How to go from Underdog to Top Dog

2 Nov

Now what?

Gloria_Swanson_&_TeddyI have two girl friends (they’re REAL friends, not metaphorical) who are in two different types of relationships.

Relationship #1: My friend is with a guy who seems perfect. He is super cute, witty, smart, motivated, easy-going, personable, and fun. She loves to spend time with him but he doesn’t invest much in their relationship which makes her feel  like the unappreciated underdog.  He likes her enough to keep dating but he just isn’t THAT into her.

The other friend is with a guy who isn’t as obviously great. He is also smart, motivated, and nice, but he isn’t as outgoing, confident,HalloweenKid or fun to be around as she would like. Although he is more of the underdog, this guy loves her… REALLY loves her. My friend is finally responding to his attention and although its taken some time, she is learning to love him too.

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As If One Love Letter Wasn’t Enough…

25 Oct

More Love Letters

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very lonely and depressed.  She was sitting on a train in New York City when a sad-looking women got on the train and sat across the aisle from her.  The girl kept hoping that the woman would look up so that they could talk, but the woman never raised her eyes. Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.10.43 PM The girl decided to write everything that she wanted to tell the woman down on a piece of notebook paper.  She wrote furiously. By the time she looked up again, the woman was gone.

Disappointed but not discouraged, the girl left the letter on the seat of the train when it was time for her stop.

It was addressed: If you Find This Letter then it’s for You.


That was the first letter.

Now Hannah Brencher has written hundreds of love letters to strangers all over the world.  She believes that everyone needs a little more love and she knows how to give it to them.

The World Needs More Love Letters from Justin Marantz on Vimeo.

Image 22 Oct

quote 3

The Fun of Fall

17 Oct

1) Pumpkin Flavored Puppy Chow!

I’m a sucker for pumpkin-flavored foods.  In fact, if they made pumpkin toothpaste I would probably buy it…. new business idea?

I saw this on my friend’s blog and it looked delicious, I’ll probably have to give it a try sometime this week


Snag a copy of the recipe here

2) I FINALLY figured out what I’m going to be for Halloween.  If anyone wants to join me I’m sure that we could pull together a batman/poison ivy/captain america costume too!

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