How many Pinterest Quotes do you Think I can Squeeze into one Post?

22 Nov

I really don’t have time for this today, but I was talking to a friend the other day about blogging (both of us were a little rusty) and when I got back on here I had so much fun looking through some of my old funny and semi-ridiculous posts that I HAD to write again.  I wish that I was a better artist, slam poet, costume designer, stunt coordinator, etc. but I have yet to develop “cool” self-expression skills and until I do this blog will continue to be a boring mess of scattered thoughts.

goals 1

I decided to sterilize clean my room today after a friend filled it with 350 balloons (see Facebook). As I cleaned, I found a list of goals I made about two years ago. (3×5 index card written in purple ink — Shout out to Hermana Vazquez!)


For those who don’t know me very well, I am a goal-maker. Or maybe I was a goal-maker and now I’m a goal-finder (I find old lists of goals almost every time I reorganize). Anyway, today I found a list that made me feel pretty good because I’ve actually accomplished some of the lofty goals that I set! (I probably won’t clean again for a while because I don’t want to find the list that aspires to win a Nobel Peace Prize, retire at age 35, and spend my millions creating businesses to solve social problems) I wrote the list below:

goals 2


  1. Find some passions (Learn Spanish, Travel, Create cool things)
  2. Pursue those passions
  3. Be up-to-date with world events
  4. Mentor (again)
  5. Keep apartment cleaner
  6. Do more to help others
  7. Develop new skills

Although I’m not perfect at any of them, I’ve made a lot of progress! Number 4 was kind of interesting because before my mission I used to mentor an 11 year old girl named Sariah. While I was gone I lost contact with her and when I got back she was nowhere to be found! (If you have any leads shoot me an email) Since then, I joined MicroBusiness Mentors and I get to mentor small business owners every week. It’s not quite the same as mentoring a child, but still very fulfilling.

goals 3

I probably need to work on number 6 the most. I used to be very focused on helping the “one,” but this semester I’ve been so busy working on learning the skills and developing the work ethic I need to succeed with other future goals that I’ve dropped the ball.

It all goes back to balance. I find that when I work super hard I inevitably lose track of people. I love working hard and I don’t want to give that up. Thus, I think that the trick to balancing this issue is to write people into my schedule (2015 goal?). It’s not super spontaneous, but I’ve got to take baby steps, right?

goals 4

New Years is rolling around soon and I know that my mom is going to make us sit around the christmas tree to read the goals that we wrote last year. Honestly, I have no idea what mine were, but I think I’m going to make a few changes to my process in 2015. I know that its super basic but sometimes you need to write things down in a public place in order to hold yourself accountable!

1) Make meaningful goals that I actually care about

2) Tape them to the mirror (so that I don’t find them in five years from now)

3) Review regularly

goals 5

And a few more for good measure…

spread hapiness


my goal


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