Why Spanish Women Should (and do) Wear Perfume

17 Jul

Sorry that its taken so long for me to update… before I came I thought that I would have more time, but I’ve been so focused on learning spanish and sight-seeing that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the tapas!

Before coming to Spain, I knew that Europeans kiss on the cheek when meeting someone for the first time, but for some reason I thought that my passport would give me immunity.b_w_humor_kiss_vintage_black_and_white_funny

Of course, my first day at work was a whirlwind of kissing and pleasantries. When I first got to the office, my co-worker took me around and introduced me to every single person.

The Spanish way.

The person would stop whatever they were doing, stand up, and give me a little air kiss on both cheeks (apparently they kiss three times in France).gas masks

Although my “world-class” Marriott School training craved a few impersonal handshakes, after 9 or 10 kisses I got used to it. When we finished, twenty-five minutes later, I only remembered one name (“Nacho”) and was certain that my cheeks had some lip stick stains.  I wanted to find the bathroom to check my face but I never got the chance.

In the end, I didn´t really need to because I got a few more kisses throughout the day: Carmen was late so she dropped by my desk for a quick hello, Pablo was at a press conference… you get the idea.


By kiss number 3 or 4 I began to notice the presence or absence of perfume.

No one smelled bad. I simply noticed that some people inadvertantly made my experience a little bit more pleasant by wearing perfume. As a foreigner with a lot of jet lag, I really appreciated it.

Sometimes the most frivolous things make you feel comfortable when you’re in a new place. On this trip, my frivolous things have been Orbits Sweet Mint gum (I brought a huge pack because I knew they wouldn´t have it here), finding other American tourists (my methods are slightly creepy… but whatever), and peanut butter (which I spent WAY too much $ on).

I would totally be ok greeting Zorro...

I would totally be ok greeting Zorro…

Our brains create habits to make daily life easier and more comfortable. I get that… but one thing I’ve loved about being in a new environment is that I’m more aware of the fact that I get to choose my habits.

I get this same feeling of empowerment every time I go camping, visit my family for the holidays, start a new job, etc. and it’s so rejuvenating!

I think that everyone should be required (or at least strongly encouraged) to physically remove themselves from their environment at least once every 6 months.

You boost creativity, strengthen or begin relationships, take time for self-reflection… nothing wrong with that!

Whether its kissing a bunch of strangers or giving Wrigley’s Winterfresh a shot (even though you KNOW the water will painfully tingle your throat next time you take a drink), change is good for the soul.


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