Words of Wisdom (continued)…

17 May


Katie Spero – Let Yourself Learn

When I meet someone who asks me questions and seems genuinely interested to hear the answers, I find myself feeling great after our conversation.  It is easy to focus on how we look in the eyes of others, what they might be thinking about us, and whether or not they like us.  But when people meet, both parties in the conversation are focused on themselves.  Neither is as invested in the other person, as they are in what that other person might bethinking about them.  The “irresistible person” isn’t worried about how they seem to others, but rather is genuinely present and interested in the other human being they are interacting with. 
There are three steps that can lead to being fully present with other people:  
1.  Let go of what you feel the other person is thinking or not thinking about you.
2.  Allow people to be themselves without labeling them, or creating judgements about them.
3.  When listening to people, be aware of the voice in your own head responding.  The quieter the voice, the more you are truly listening to, and becoming present for, the other person.  


My notes: Katie has a through-provoking blog that makes observations about life while allowing readers to come to their own conclusions. Her writing style makes me feel like I’m sitting around a camp fire having a discussion about the meaning of life with my greatest friends in the middle of nowhere on a meditation trip. It’s super cool. (I’m into those types of things, but if you’re not you’ll still like her blog) Check out this post if you want to read a little more…


Susanna – SusannaAntihero 

What characteristic do you find to be irresistible in other people?
Honestly, there are so many different characteristics that I find irresistible in people, but if I were to pick just one, I’d go with confidence. There’s nothing more irresistible than a confident man or woman. They don’t have to be the most attractive people on the planet, but having confidence in how they act, talk, and go about life, makes that person so admirable and attractive to me. I want to be the confident woman’s friend. I’m drawn irresistibly to the confident man. I know you’ve seen those people before. The ones that you don’t know quite what it is about them, but everyone loves them. They radiate some kind of magic that people find irresistible. This usually comes from someone glowing with confidence.
What are your three tips for someone who wants to develop that characteristic?
A very important tip to achieve confidence is you have to not be bothered by what other people say about you. I’m still working on this one, because it’s a tough thing to ignore. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The petty little judgmental remarks that are made about you will not end your world. They’ll be said, and that person will go away and…nothing will happen. That is, if you choose to ignore them. By choosing to ignore the rude things people try and say about you to bring you down, is a huge step to being a confident person. Put your armor on, believe in yourself, and you’ll inspire so many people to be just as brave and confident as you. Not to mention, you’ll realize how free you feel when you decide to not let what others say get to you.
Another tip would be to stop comparing yourself to other people. That girl or guy over there, you may feel looks better than you, well, guess what? To someone else, you’re the best looking one out of the group. You may have a more amazing smile, a kinder heart, a wittier personality. Once you realize that you’re unique and wonderful in your own way, and stop comparing yourself to others, than you’ll be that amazing confident person. That is far more attractive than the sulking person who is in the corner too busy comparing his or herself to others to have any fun. We all have our insecurities. What you need to realize is that 99.9% of the time, we’re the only ones that see them. So, stop thinking others have it better than you. They have their own battles. Just focus on what is beautiful about yourself and let that shine through.
One of the last tips that shows just how confident a person is would be when they are able to just lighten up and laugh at themselves. You’re going to mess up, you’re going to make mistakes, but so will everyone else. And everyone else is usually far too worried about making mistakes or looking foolish themselves to really linger on your own mistakes. So, you messed up. Brush it off and go about your way. After that brief moment, you’re the only one that even remembers, everyone else is thinking their own thoughts. Don’t let your mistakes bog you down. It’s unhealthy. You’re too strong and confident for that. If you can realize this, take a moment to laugh it off, and get back up and keep going, nothing will get you down. You’ll be the striking, confident person that is able to enjoy life and become so irresistible to those around you because nothing can stand in your way.
My Notes: Susanna is a small-town southern girl trying to make her way in big, bad Los Angeles. She has a very honest writing style that makes it easy for others to fall in love with her. Sometimes she even includes poetry! I wish that I knew more about poetry because I’m sure that hers has many cool underlying topics that I don’t really understand. Sometimes she even dabbles in cool DIY stuff!

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