Maybe I Don’t Know Everything… But Keep that A Secret From my Mom

15 May

I’m always on the hunt for new and improved ways to become Irresistible.  On Mother’s Day I was scanning wordpress and I remembered how many interesting and exciting bloggers are out there!

Growing up, my mom occasionally gave me the speech about how true it is that teenagers think that they know everything .  I’ve known that I didn’t know everything since I was 6 and sat on the wrong side of the bus on my first day in kindergarten. There was a boys side and a girls side. Guess which one I chose?

Since that embarrassing experience, I decided to ask for help and look to others for advice.

Thankfully, there are some awesome bloggers out there who have much more talent, writing skill, and wisdom than I do… and a few of my favorites have agreed to indulge a little question that I’ve been itching to ask them:

What characteristic makes you (or anyone else) Irresistible? What three tips would you give someone who wanted to develop that characteristic?


Hilary – CutieCameras

I would say that there are many qualities I hold that make me irresistible. One is my kindness towards others. I can tell when others are down and, usually, I know how to cheer them up. Whether it is a hug, which I am an excellent hug giver, a cup of coffee, or just a shoulder to lean on, I am there for those around me. I understand that what truly makes me most happy is making others happy. If I can bring just a little bit of sunshine into the day of another person then I would call that a pretty darn good day. 
A second quality I hold is my energy. I have a very high level of energy which is, for the most part, very positive. I love dancing around, making others laugh, and having a great time. People sense that about me and I think it makes me stand out.
How do you develop these characteristics?
First I would say that, no matter how difficult it is, having a positive attitude about life in general is the key. Now, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be sad. Accept the way you feel, whether that is anger, sadness, or disappointment, and then move on. I have an on-going project where I take photos on a daily basis to remind myself of all of the beauty in the world. When I am down I think back on all of the wonderful things I have and it cheers me right up. I would also say that learning to let the little things go is a must to living a happier, more positive life. Instead of getting angry because someone cut you off in traffic, try to put yourself in their shoes. Maybe they didn’t see you. Maybe they are having a really awful day and aren’t thinking straight. Does this excuse them from their action? No. However, it will make you feel better and allow you to let it go and it will not ruin your day. 
Now that you are positive and happy try and help others live more happy lives. Share your joy with them. Dance with them, make them laugh, give them a coffee just because. Make someone else smile.
That is what I believe makes me irresistible. I love to love people and it shows. Now go forth and spread some happiness.
My notes: Hillary has the CUTEST blog. She is clearly very photogenic and she takes amazing pictures… plus she has some unique interests (like talking in a british accent and watching Dr. Who… I’m not sure if that is a correlation or causation). If you’re looking for an interesting blog that mixes photography and meaningful life advice, Hilary’s blog is for you!


who's awesome

Sami – The Thought Buffet

For me, I find someone who is comfortable with who they are irresistible. I wouldn’t really care so much in what social stereotype they fit in, provided they are open about who they are, to the point where there’s an aura of self-confidence and a realisation that they have value. That being said, I wouldn’t like it if they were egotistical. I’d just find someone magnetic if they realise their pros and cons and accept that this is who they are. That kind of realisation is fairly uncommon with people I feel.
And the three tips:
1- Just chill out and contemplate what you have in life. Realise that you have friends and family who care deeply for you. If you can’t see it within yourself that you’re awesome, at least use them as a platform that there is something about you for them to stay around.
2-Write up your pros and cons. Decide if there are any cons you want to change into a pro. If you don’t want to change the con, then make sure you come to accept it as part of you, rather than as a detrimental thing and moping about it or some crap.
3-Put yourself out there! How are people going to realise you’re irresistible if they have no idea what badass-ness you possess? Show them and they will come flocking to you.
My notes: I’m not sure if “Sami” is even the name of the guy who wrote this because The Thought Buffet is anonymous. (aka don’t run around asking every Sami you meet if they have a hilarious blog, because they probably don’t or at least not one as funny as this one). Anyway, his blog is super funny and interesting to read… I like this short little piece about blogging (probably because I can totally relate!)
English-Russian Translator in Dubai & Abu Dhabidubai 2

Manar – Manar al Hindi

I think what makes someone irresistible is being themselves. There is nothing more attractive than showing one’s true colors.
My three tips would be to be natural with people, smile a lot, and be genuinely interested in others. It takes practice especially if you are shy, but it is amazing how humans get accustomed to new ways of things. I was a very shy person once, but I took the initiative and encouraged myself to come out of that shell, and life has never been prettier
My Notes: The headline on this blog pretty much sums up Manar: One Arab Girl. Too Many Thoughts. Manar has an honest writing style and she covers topics that are super relevant to normal people with normal problems. She’s also from Abu Dubai which is SO COOL and on my short list of places to visit (she’s actually in the picture above on the sandy beach but I wanted to use a picture that showed off her home town so I used a bigger frame)

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