Why my Creativity isn’t Very Creative

27 Feb


belly dancing


I love cultural fusion but it seems like all of my ideas are dumb OR taken before I execute them.

My china-mex restaurant already exists in Odessa, TX (Stir fry burrito?).


Or my tribal henna tattoo for those special occasions when you want to look authentic but don’t want to fully commit?

face tattoos

Anyway, my latest idea was inspired by two of my favorite things to watch: ice skating and belly dancing (I also enjoy watching curling but the only way that fusion would work is if they added style points and called it “belly curling” ).

But even THAT was already taken.

I’m not TOO upset about it because I’ve never been very good at dancing.

All of my female cousins took dance lessons and I think that my mom decided to make me the involuntarily black sheep by with holding the training for that coveted skill (2 years of softball, 1 year of soccer, and many years of volleyball).

belly dancing 1

For me, belly-skating just wasn’t meant to be.


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