I got a Tinder and so Should You!

5 Jan

You have a match!

You would think that a good-looking, business school grad, who is confident enough to write, “I’m smarter, better looking, and morekissing couple fun than the guy before or after me” would be able to handle a little sarcasm right?

He said, “We both swiped right. Soulmates. ;)”

I said, “That depends on how often you swipe right.”

“You’re the first one ever.”

“Yeah right.”

No response. Nothing. 

Ladies, I’ve had a Tinder for 24 hours and I have well over 50 matches. If I was the “first one ever” then that guy isn’t doing tinder right. Being good at tinder isn’t hard, but in my short 24 hours I’ve discovered a few tips that will help anyone swipe their way to love in no time!

I got a smart phone last week and I went a little app crazy.  I didn’t put much thought into the order I downloaded them, but if you want to read into my prioritization – be my guest!

  1. Gospel Library
  2. Triposo (a little business research on a new idea I have)
  3. Twitter
  4. Tinder
  5. Instagram

Thus far, Tinder has been the BEST download. Kelsey suggested I try it out, and its earned her the #1 spot in my heart for the next month (at least).

For those of you who have never tried Tinder let me fill you in: Tinder is a dating app that allows users to upload a few pictures and a biography to make a profile.  Then they can look at other people’s profiles to decide if they would be interested in getting to know them. If both people are interested in each other Tinder matches them and they’re allowed to start a conversation.

couple eyesIn the 24 hours since I downloaded it I’ve had a few anti-tinderers unapproved of my decision. Usually they’ve had weird experiences or little success.  Tinder is a completely superficial way to get to know people, which implies that some people wont be as successful as others.  Nevertheless, more people could be successful at Tinder if they change a few things:

1) Don’t take Tinder seriously.  I took the first 5 matches seriously and then I realized that although everyone blames tinder for being shallow, it’s really not.  It’s shallow for the first 20 seconds of looking at someone’s photos for the first time (and then for another 20 seconds when you’re matched with them and you forget who they are).vintage wedding

But once the conversation starts, the superficial part is over and the fun part begins!

Tip: I usually start the conversation with something like, “I see from your pictures that you like snow.  Marry me?” or “It appears that you enjoy eating hamburgers, will you be my therapist?” Within about 4 messages I can tell if the guy has a sense of humor which refines my search before asking them more important questions. Score!

2) Put up FLATTERING pictures of yourself.  Too many people put up poor to average pictures of themselves. I’m a HUGE advocate for judging someone for internal things rather than external ones,  but EVERYONE can take a good picture. Even if you’re not photogenic.

Posting two good pictures of yourself is way better than posting 5 bad pics.

P.S. Don’t go overboard, false advertising is highly discouraged.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 5.40.53 PM

Kelsey kindly put this picture of my first night on Tinder on Instagram

3) Write an interesting biography. The more I Tinder, the pickier I get. I find that I’m starting to care less about the initial picture and more about the person.

There are a few ways to show your fellow Tinderers how cool you are: pictures (we covered that) and your bio. I’ve swiped right for guys that I didn’t think were attractive at all because they had funny bios.  Finding someone you’re attracted to is important but lets face it, you really want to be around someone who is fun and interesting.

 My best Tinder conversations thus far have involved planning to elope to Vegas and convincing a guy to let me be his presidential running mate. Half the time I look at my phone there is something funny waiting there for me!


One Response to “I got a Tinder and so Should You!”

  1. Deanna Herrod January 5, 2014 at 4:58 pm #

    Wow, had no idea Tinder exists. Thanks for bringing me up to date and out of the dark age once again. That said, I am perfectly happy married to your dad and wont be using it anytime soon.

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