5 Guys I Almost Dated (#2.5)

13 Dec

#2.5 – Unknown – I Didn’t Leave it on the Court

I crushed so hard on the tall, dark, and handsome guy in my volleyball class freshmen year. Further Facebook stalking (it could have even been Myspace?) passed on the information that he was a tool, but my gitty, cafeteria-fed, homework loaded, liberated self, didn’t care.

vintage volleyball

I don’t think that we ever spoke, but he was the highlight of my Friday morning. I dug him more and more with every one of my hits that he blocked. My volleyball skills got better in that that class than they ever did when I played at GHS.

Although he never knew it, our song was, “Why?” by Secondhand Serenade.

It’s funny how music makes weird associations in your mind.  To this day whenever I hear that song, my heart spikes. I think of him.

And I still don’t know his name.


And that kills me


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