5 Guys I Almost Dated – Part 2

6 Dec

 #4 Michelangelo: The Oscillating Infatuation

We had a class together freshman year.  He was a handsome James Fanco-lookingjames franco guy, with a quirky personality, and he wore a leather jacket. I liked him, my friends liked him, and my mom liked him… Although he gave off the “good guy” vibe, my dad never came around.

Fun fact: He was so good at guitar hero that he decided to start his own band. I’m not actually sure if he started the band or just became a member of it.  But he could shred it in real life and in the virtual one.

We didn’t see much of each other sophomore year so eventually I lost interest.

The summer before my Junior year was a turning point for me: My flirting skills improved when I attended a stay away co-ed summer camp, I became best friends with a girl who was much more popular than I was, and I finally caved in to my mom’s badgering and started wearing makeup.

When I went back to school the tables had turned, and Michelangelo was interested.

Unfortunately, I didn’t reciprocate. Although I still thought he was cool, I felt like his maturity peaked in 7th grade and I was WAY beyond that [I’ve become much less mature since then, thank goodness!].

He still loved super heroes, Harry Potter, and any article of clothing with a howling wolf on it. Oddly enough, he makes a really weird wolf-looking facial expression in 85% of the pictures he takes.  It looks very similar to this:


Coincidence? Probably not.  He is an aspiring actor and he probably has a hard time containing his inner wolf.

I didn’t go to dances in high school very often but when I did, he was always a sweetheart by making sure to grind on me (while laughing uncontrollably).

first kiss

M-Angelo liked anime and this is what I wish our kiss would have been like. ha

After high school,we stayed friends for a while and although we never dated, he was my first kiss [an interesting story that I’ll have to share another time].

Another Fun Fact: I’m really glad that he was my first kiss because when he makes it big, I’m going to be the girl that says, “I kissed Michelangelo BEFORE he was rubbing shoulders with Bill Murray.”

Since high school he has pursued his acting career and gotten a tattoo of the dark mark on his arm.

Stories like this never have a good conclusion. They just keep going on and on until someone gets married… but who knows? Maybe the timing will work out in the future and we’ll get together again.




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