Did you Actually say That?

14 Nov

So What?

Today, I gave a presentation in one of my classes that required 3-4 different sessions of written audience feedback.  I appreciated all the constructive feedback I received except for one comment.gossip

Some hot-shot guy wrote a note containing criticism along the lines of, “LISTEN! When we’re giving you feedback don’t talk about all of the things that you did wrong. Just listen to our feedback.”

It was good advice.

What he didn’t realize was that it was my last time giving the presentation and my teacher was standing behind him, grading me.  I’d given the presentation 4 times already and been given the same feedback each time. Honestly, I didn’t really care what he had to say because I wanted to make sure that my teacher knew that graded run-through wasnt my best.

Anyway, I hate being misunderstood.

It feels awful and uncomfortable.  Although I don’t dislike the guy for what he said, (because I know he was right) I hate that feeling.

gossipNow what?

Unfortunately, being misunderstood is an uncomfortable part of life.  If you spend all of your time trying to put out the fires that your words cause, you’ll end up exhausted and depleted.

I’ve made it a rule in my life to try not to say offensive things to others. But sometimes the things I say are misinterpreted, and in those situations I’m always quick to apologize.

I follow the same advice when someone says something that I find offensive.  I let myself be offended by it for a little while, ask if there is any truth to what they said, and then decide whether or not I want to change because of their opinion.

Usually, I understand that reason that I was offended but I choose to remain the same.  Occasionally, being offended inspires me to become better.  On rare occasions, I end a friendship because of it.

All in all its best to love people a lot and get over offense quickly.  People don’t usually try to offend others. So when the question “Did you actually say that?” comes up, I usually think, “Yeah they did, but I don’t really care.”


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