My Future Funeral

9 Nov

So what?

I was reading an article about a girl who died of bone cancer last week.  I don’t usually like inspirational stories about death because they make me sad but this girl intrigued me because she had an insanely cool bucket list.

Some of the goals she met were:

  • Meeting Taylor Swift
  • Shooting hoops with the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Having a boy sneak into her room
  • Petting a tiger
  • Landing a role as an extra on the TV series “Grimm”
  • Riding in a hot air balloon


Most people have fairly generic things on their bucket lists, but this girl didn’t settle.  She not only made a neat bucket list, but she made things happen.

I was most impressed by her ability to make things happen.

She was clearly not a lifeless or unmotivated person.  As I read more about her life there were underlying themes of her drive.

She put her list on Facebook and generated interest from almost 18,000 users.  Many of whom donated money and time to help her achieve all of the items on her list. Her funeral is this weekend and they’re expecting 3,000 guests.

Yes, my friends.  3,000 guests.

I don’t think that I even know 3,000 people, yet this 17 year-old was able to touch that many lives.

Now what?

I’m not worried about boosting the numbers at my future funeral, but I think its interesting to wonder how many people would come to mine….  How many people have I touched? Who would feel the need to come and celebrate my life with my family after I’m gone?

Most importantly, who can I help right now?


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