The Myth of The Overthinker

22 Sep


The Boogie Woogie

T.K. Coleman's Blog

Worrying and over-analyzing are the exact opposite of thinking. They are the consequences of not thinking.

The so-called “overthinker” is really an “underthinker.” He is the man who takes pride in being too busy for thinking. And as a result, he only thinks when the pressures of life compel him to confront what he really believes.

When others observe his frantic efforts to find quick and easy concepts, they mistake his confusion for contemplation and equate his anxiety with analysis.

All that is really being observed in such moments are the psychological penalties for a life that has gone too long without being examined.

One can only avoid the deep spaces within his mind for so long before he becomes the victim of his unconscious beliefs and unquestioned assumptions.

Thinking is not the cause of our problems. The problem is when our thinking is only done as result of our…

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