How To Be The Girl Who’s Always Having Fun

13 Sep

Picture 3

I finally understand why Peter Pan was so committed to staying in Neverland.

Because growing up is SO over-rated.

Last night I went to a community event with a really good friend and some others that I don’t hang out with very often.  My good friend and I were playing around, having fun, and being slightly immature and  I could tell that it annoyed some of the people that we were with.

At first, I was self conscious. Maybe I shouldn’t do things like that?

But then I realized that worrying about what they thought was dumb because I was having fun and in the end that’s all that really mattered.

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I used to think I was really “cool.”  Now that I look back on myself I think that this coolness stemmed from the desire to do things that are socially acceptable.  I didn’t want to do ___ because that was “weird” and I would never participate in ___ activity because it was different. Not only did I hold myself to those standards, but I held others to those standards as well. If they did things that weren’t “normal” to me then they were weird and I probably wouldn’t be friends with them.  If we dressed similarly and participated in the same types of things then I would seek out a friendship.


Over the summer I made some really great friends who reminded me how to be spontaneous, silly, and fun. We did all kids of stupid things and made some really bad jokes, but because of those people and experiences, I had one of the BEST summers of my life.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you can be spontaneous and silly OR you can be “cool.”

It’s impossible to be both.

I don’t care if your 14, 24, or 84 years old; you don’t want to lose your sense of spontaneity and fun.

I’ve always found it interesting how we respect people in the news, songs, and movies for doing quirky, unusual, adventurous things and yet, we don’t do those things ourselves.

Check out this clip from the movie 500 Days Of Summer… does this seem like fun?

Now I ask you, is this “cool”?  If you saw some average people doing this in Ikea (not someone adorable like Zoe Deschanel) would be as cute?  Would you be annoyed?

The answers to those questions probably depend on your mood, personality, and degree of tolerance for people breaking social norms but you have to admit that this scene makes IKEA seem like a lot more fun!

The best part of the movie?  Probably not, but I think it answers one of the questions that I’ve always had about this movie… WHY choose Noah?  Ali had a nice, cute, rich guy waiting and ready to take her to the alter YET she chose Noah.

Why?  The reason is that being with Noah made her feel alive.  He was IRRESISTIBLE because of the way that he chose to live his life.

So what does this mean for you and me?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live on the safe side. I want to be more spontaneous and adventurous!  As I’ve thought about spontaneity lately, I’ve noticed that there are two reasons that people play it safe:

1) They’re either too afraid of what others will think of them

2) They think they lack the creativity to be spontaneous

If you’re concerned with the first reason, then you’re just going to have to get over that. Its hard, I know.  But once you stop worrying about what other people think, being spontaneous will feel natural and eventually fun!  One of the best things that I’ve done is to find friends that are fun and spontaneous… they pulled me right out of my shell!

New Friends

New Friends

If you think that you’re not creative enough to be spontaneous, check out this website. The best way I’ve found to be more creatively spontaneous is to look for opportunities throughout my day.  Usually opportunities come in the form of doing something that I’ve always wanted to do but forgot about.  If you really look around, you never know what will pop up!

If you feel like having a spontaneous water fight in a gas station bathroom.

Do it!

If you think it would be fun to paint your friends nails lime green while she is taking a nap.

Do it!

If you want to make up a different name for yourself every time you go to Starbucks.

Do it!

Side note: Sometimes you have to be serious. The amount of adventure you can have varies depending on the situation, location, and company you’re with. Be smart and don’t do anything illegal!


4 Responses to “How To Be The Girl Who’s Always Having Fun”

  1. Caitlin Noel Gardner (@zustercaitnoel) September 13, 2013 at 11:48 pm #


  2. Leticia Stucki September 19, 2013 at 6:30 pm #

    I love the message of your post, Kate! We are all happier when we can be spontaneous sometimes. There is no substitute for play.

    Also, I love the layout and design of your blog-great headings and color!

    • kateherrod September 19, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

      Thanks Leticia! I want you to know that you are a wonderful TA!

      • Leticia Stucki September 30, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

        Thanks Kate!

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