Why My Mom Could Beat Your Mom In An Arm Wrestling Contest

24 May

Many women value their looks, charm, and wit.  What does my mom value? The fact that she can move rocks.  Yes, rocks in the ground.  We’re currently building some ponds in our back yard and she claims that building these ponds has allowed her to find her life’s calling: moving rocks.

She’s actually joking about moving rocks as being her life’s calling BUT I will say that moving rocks has given her VERY strong arms.  I bet that she could beat any other mom in a arm wrestling contest. Right Now.

As a side note… This women ——-> is NOT my mother.

I love my mom a lot and I intended to write a complimentary mother’s day blog post about her but I never finished it!  I’ll probably write more about her in the future because she is a VERY Irresistible Girl but for now I wanted to share a few pictures from her last visit.

Side Note: My mom claims that she came to Utah to do my hair (she was a hair-stylist in the 80’s and she’s STILL the only one who does my hair) but I’m convinced that she actually wanted to sleep on the floor and clean my apartment.  Both of which she insisted on doing.

Oh the sacrifices that our mothers make for us…

P1040824Saturday Morning I had breakfast with some friends from my mission in Virginia

P1040827 P1040828 P1040832

My mom and I took a tour of the conference center in Salt Lake City, Ut

P1040834Me and My beautiful Mother!


3 Responses to “Why My Mom Could Beat Your Mom In An Arm Wrestling Contest”

  1. deanna herrod May 31, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    o.k.., I may move rocks very well, but I’m a social media ignoramous!!! When was mother’s day, like 3 weeks ago? Anyways, thanks for the very complimentary piece on your blog, or is that “in your blog”. Whatever. I had a great time sleeping on floors, couches and a stranger’s bed! Love you!!!

    • kateherrod May 31, 2013 at 2:20 am #

      I love you too!!


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