3 Stupid Things That Girls Do On Dates

18 Mar

1) Claiming that you’re tired – Claiming that you’re tired is only one example of the many excuses that girls use on dates.  If you ask a girl how a date went she will give you one of two responses: It was awesome! We had a great time and I really like him OR  It went alright BUT I was really ______ (fill in whatever excuse you want). Usually the blank is filled with something like, “I was tired OR I had a really rough week OR I don’t think that our personalities match very well.”  I don’t care if you had the worst week ever, only slept 2.34 hours the night before, or if your date was the most smelly, nerdy guy that ever watched Battlestar Gallactica; if you agree to go on a date with a guy then go and enjoy it without the excuseLook at the date as it really is: an opportunity to HAVE FUN with someone that you don’t know very well.  If you give up your excuses and just focus on having fun, I promise that the date will be a grate experience!

2) Being Insecure – I understand that confidence is something that isn’t learned over night and that dating can bring out some of your greatest insecurities but when you’re on a date try extra hard

Only use it once!

to show your confidence.  Although I don’t know you, I know that if you’re reading this blog then you’re interested in proactively changing your life and therefore you must be really cool.  Why not show this side to your date? You don’t need to worry so much about something going wrong or looking dumb or saying something silly, it honestly doesn’t matter.  All you need to remember is that you must stay true to yourself and do what you want to do.  If its a group date and you don’t know everyone there, go and introduce yourself to the unfamiliar people.  If your date says or does something that is awkward  make a joke out of it.  Share your opinions.  If you have to make a decision about something on the date follow this rule: for every decision that must be made you’re only allowed to say “I don’t care” one time.  After that, voice your true opinion about the decision.  If you don’t have a strong opinion then flip a coin, say ennie meanie minie mo, or do a thumb war to solve the problem and stick with your solution.

3) Acting Bored – This my friends, is the biggest reason that girls don’t get asked out on second dates.  For whatever reason we’re afraid that if we act too interested in a guy on a date, it means that we like him too much.  I have many opinions about why this mindset exists but I’ll save that rant for another time.  The point is that acting interested in a guy doesn’t mean that you really really like him.  If you go on a date and have fun but don’t VISIBLY show your date that you’re having fun, your date will think that you’re bored.  Even if you have no intention of going on another date with him you should do your best to have a good time.  It can be really hard to act interested in someone if you actually think that they’re cool because you get intimidated and feel like they have the upper hand (I’m going to write more about this later).  If you go on a date like that, remember this: every single person out there is struggling with something and although you don’t know what it is know that you can help them by giving them extra attention and positive affirmations about themselves.

I dare you to be above the mistakes that your fellow females make on dates.  Be cool and strive to be the Irresistible Girl by choosing one of these three things to apply when you go on your next date.


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