How many Pinterest Quotes do you Think I can Squeeze into one Post?

22 Nov

I really don’t have time for this today, but I was talking to a friend the other day about blogging (both of us were a little rusty) and when I got back on here I had so much fun looking through some of my old funny and semi-ridiculous posts that I HAD to write again.  I wish that I was a better artist, slam poet, costume designer, stunt coordinator, etc. but I have yet to develop “cool” self-expression skills and until I do this blog will continue to be a boring mess of scattered thoughts.

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4 Fashion Trends to Sport in the Marriott Business School This Fall

3 Sep

The Tanner Building, home of the Marriott School of Management, is known as the place for beautiful people. No one really knows why…  Maybe it’s the sheer number of demi-god athletes who study there because they get in without meeting the application requirements, or maybe it’s the fact that they study the most materialistic subject at BYU, or maybe everyone in the school just has super rich parents.

One thing is for sure: you can’t wear your PJ’s or Wal-Mart brand undies to class in this building.


1. In other schools on campus, when guys lose their hair they move on. In the Marriott School we fight a little harder… when a guy loses his hair he replaces it with fabric. Cool brands like Volcom/DC/Nike, athletic teams, or the cool vintage trucker hat salvaged from Aunt Sue’s coat closet.

blue plaid

2. The night after a male is accepted to the Marriott SchoolI a magical fairy drops one of these bad boys in his closet with instructions to wear it at least once every two weeks. Girls don’t get anything… maybe that’s why the gender ratio is a little skewed! (tie is optional)


3. I think this haircut is ugly, but business students eat it up! Since the honor code is a little strict about hair, I understand the need to be “unique” and if you aren’t forced to choose option number 1 then you might as well show off your thick, wavy, (frequently blond) head of hair.

mop top

4. And lets not forget the ladies….skirt suit


ryan suit

Although who are we kidding? These things look SO much better on guys.

8 Staples in a Spanish Kitchen

20 Jul


1. Mayonnaise. Whether purchased or home made (they swear that it tastes better but my foreign palate doesn’t notice the lack of preservatives), they always have it for Russian or other cool summer salads. I can’t say for sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if they eat it with a soon sometimes.

2. Olive oil. My family has a 2 gallon container and we need it! It’s about 30% cheaper here and they even use it for deep frying.

3. Wine. You knew it was coming… Spain boasts of having some of the best wine in the world. Unfortunately it’s completely wasted on me. I do have some cool corks though!


4. Tomato. Paste for toast, sauce for pasta, eating by itself, and Gazpacho (Every night baby).

5. Galletas. Cookies here are basically jazzed up gram crackers:galletas dipped in chocolate, chocolate galleta sandwiches, plain galletas… if they had some sort of tomato galleta I wouldn’t be surprised.
**I introduced my family to s’mores with a galleta base and it was a hit!

6. Coffee. This isn’t so much a staple as much as a lifestyle: after lunch we get coffee. Period. Unless you’re craving a fanta limon like I usually am…. that’s cool too.


7. Cigarettes. Although not technically a food, they’re definitely a staple. Thankfully it’s been illegal to smoke inside buildings for the past ten years because the most frequent smokers I see are restaurant cooks standing in front of their joints.


8. Jamon. Ham from pigs that only live in a certain region of the country, run wild in the nuts, and eat a specific blend of expensive nuts.
**they have the midst DELICIOUS jamon-flavored ruffles. It sounds weird but man it’s goooood.

Why Spanish Women Should (and do) Wear Perfume

17 Jul

Sorry that its taken so long for me to update… before I came I thought that I would have more time, but I’ve been so focused on learning spanish and sight-seeing that I’ve barely had time to enjoy the tapas!

Before coming to Spain, I knew that Europeans kiss on the cheek when meeting someone for the first time, but for some reason I thought that my passport would give me immunity.b_w_humor_kiss_vintage_black_and_white_funny

Of course, my first day at work was a whirlwind of kissing and pleasantries. When I first got to the office, my co-worker took me around and introduced me to every single person.

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Words of Wisdom (continued)…

17 May


Katie Spero – Let Yourself Learn

When I meet someone who asks me questions and seems genuinely interested to hear the answers, I find myself feeling great after our conversation.  It is easy to focus on how we look in the eyes of others, what they might be thinking about us, and whether or not they like us.  But when people meet, both parties in the conversation are focused on themselves.  Neither is as invested in the other person, as they are in what that other person might bethinking about them.  The “irresistible person” isn’t worried about how they seem to others, but rather is genuinely present and interested in the other human being they are interacting with. 
There are three steps that can lead to being fully present with other people:  
1.  Let go of what you feel the other person is thinking or not thinking about you.
2.  Allow people to be themselves without labeling them, or creating judgements about them.
3.  When listening to people, be aware of the voice in your own head responding.  The quieter the voice, the more you are truly listening to, and becoming present for, the other person.  

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Maybe I Don’t Know Everything… But Keep that A Secret From my Mom

15 May

I’m always on the hunt for new and improved ways to become Irresistible.  On Mother’s Day I was scanning wordpress and I remembered how many interesting and exciting bloggers are out there!

Growing up, my mom occasionally gave me the speech about how true it is that teenagers think that they know everything .  I’ve known that I didn’t know everything since I was 6 and sat on the wrong side of the bus on my first day in kindergarten. There was a boys side and a girls side. Guess which one I chose?

Since that embarrassing experience, I decided to ask for help and look to others for advice.

Thankfully, there are some awesome bloggers out there who have much more talent, writing skill, and wisdom than I do… and a few of my favorites have agreed to indulge a little question that I’ve been itching to ask them:

What characteristic makes you (or anyone else) Irresistible? What three tips would you give someone who wanted to develop that characteristic?

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How to be Friends Without Creeping into the Mary Kate and Ashley Territory

7 May

I’m no friendship expert, but I think that the best friends are the ones that are most different from you.

I have a friend… we’ll call her “Kelsey”. While we’re at it, lets give her a really cute last name too… How about “Darling”?

vintage makeup

Kelsey and I are about as similar as MAC and NYC makeup brands (not NYX (for the uninitiated male go to this link (I think I’ll nest parentheses more often))).

She cleans the dishes, and I take too long to pull my clothes out of the laundry.

She’s five minutes early; I’m like the eagles that opportunely appear throughout the Lord of the Rings movies… just on time.

She subconsciously only buys earrings with triangle designs. I buy every cute pair of earrings I can find under $10.


She hates my major. I hate her job.

What in the world could we possibly have in common?

We both like cheesecake, we’re both really good about maintaining the TP supply in our respective bathrooms, and we both enjoy dating Ryan Gosling (although neither of us has ever tried it).


Buddha Breaks Through Again

2 May

what matters most

Protected: Happy Ever After: A How To

27 Apr

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Girls Don’t want “Bad Boys” they Want MEN (who are Confident)

20 Apr

I recently went on a Tinder date with a guy who told me a story about a fist fight he won in high school. I swooned.


Apparently, he was doing it to protect the honor of a girl in his school who was being mistreated by some guys in law school (not your typical miscreants, but maybe things are different where he grew up in Mexico). By the end of the date, I’d heard plenty of other stories proving how macho hard core he was.

Jack Johnson & Jim Jeffries Boxing

We  went on a few dates after that, and my dislike for that part of him continually mounted until the pivotal point when we were having a conversation about relationships and he said, “You like me because I’m a bad boy.”

A. I never said that I liked him

B. I would never like someone who labeled himself as a “bad boy”

C. I wish that I slapped him, but then we might have gotten in a physical fight and he has a MUCH stronger history of winning than I do (plus I’m not a fan of violence)

Labeling himself as a “bad boy” was a pitiful attempt to differentiate himself from guys that he considered to be softer and less manly. Or that was my impression of the situation, is that why guys do that?  I have no idea…

nice guy

Unfortunately, in our society “good guys” get a bad wrap because they are stereotypically boring. (At least that’s my problem with every guy who says “I don’t understand why girls won’t date me, I’m a great guy!”)

Women People want to be with other people who are confident and passionate about life.

sports car

I would take a “nice” guy who is confident and passionate about his life any day over some narcissistic guy who has muscles large enough to guard frail female honor and a sports car small enough to barely fit his ego.

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